Facials & Chemical Peels

GloProfessional Salicylic 30%

An antiseptic exfoliant that deeply cleanses pores. Excellent treatment for acne and aides in overall skin rejuvenation. Treats acne grades I & II, dull skin, hyperpigmentation, rough callosed skin, aging skin.

GloProfessional Alphabeta

Used to refine surface texture, lessen the appearance of discoloration while clearing acneic disturbances. Treats thickened, resistant, congested, oily, acenic breakouts, dull skin. fine lines, sun damage and hyperpigmentation.

GloProfessional Jessner

A synergy of effective acids to help reduce the appearance of melasma, againg skin, sun damage, mild rosacea, acne grades I & II.

GloProfessional Triplex

A combination treatment to enhance skin tone and texture while purifying blemish prone skin. Treats impure, congested, oily breakouts, actinic keratisis, fine lines, sun damage, dull, uneven complexions.


An effective treatment to improve several skin conditions and issues including acne, uneven skin texture, uneven tone, fine ines, wrinkles, acne scarring, sagging skin, age and sun sports, enlarged pores and hyperpigmentation . The VIP Peel provides a more youthful look by brightening the overall appearance of the skin and improving collagen production. Moderate peeling 2-3 days.